Join us on our #DeeplyRooted mission to create a national craving for climate-beneficial foods.

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Honey Toasted Kernza Cereal

Kernza® is a flavorful perennial grain but still in the early stages. Currently, there are 1,200 acres of Kernza® perennial grain in production and the yields are relatively small — about one-quarter that of annual wheat. Cascadian Farm is committed to making Kernza® crops a commercial reality by 2040 by working with its partners, as well as scientists and farms to improve yields. We expect to see an explosion of Kernza® foods on menus and grocery store shelves in the years ahead. To that point, next year we will have even more Kernza® grain to develop Honey Toasted Kernza® Cereal making it available to more consumers and continuing to build awareness for the potential of climate-beneficial foods. We envision a future where helping the planet has never been easier - or more flavorful with a perennial grain.

Deeply Rooted For Good

Kernza® is a wild relative of wheat and its sweet, nutty flavor works deliciously as an ingredient in bread, cereals, snacks – even beer. What makes Kernza® a wonder ingredient is its potential to restore planet health when grown at scale. Kernza’s® roots extend deep into the ground – think 10 feet deep – which can create a vast carbon sink that pulls carbon from the air and keeps greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Its deep roots also show promise to improve soil health, purify and retain water, and enhance the surrounding wildlife habitat. The benefits of Kernza® have significant potential to redirect the course of climate change and improve planet health. We just need to grow more of it – and fast.


Join us on our Deeply Rooted For Good mission to create a national craving for climate-beneficial foods through perennial farming practices. #DeeplyRooted

Cascadian Farm and The Future of The Food System

We’re leading the next big evolution in farming. On April 10th, Cascadian Farm, along with esteemed thought leaders in food, climate change, agriculture, and culture, came to discuss the Future of Food and Farming at our Deeply Rooted For Good event in San Francisco, California. We shared news of our or new limited edition Honey Toasted Kernza® Cereal and our fundraising campaign to support more research for perennial crops like Kernza® with The Land Institute. Cascadian Farm invited authors Robyn O’Brien and Paul Hawken, The Land Institute president Fred Iutzi, chef and climate activist Anthony Myint, who joined Cascadian Farm director Maria Carolina Comings, for a thought-provoking discussion on creating a national craving for climate beneficial ingredients and farming practices.


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